Frequently asked questions

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have a query please get in touch and the Clerk will be happy to give you an answer where possible or she will try to help you contact the correct person. Where your query should be directed to the Borough Council she can pass this on on your behalf.

How do I order new recycling bags ?
These can be ordered by either phoning Bridgend County Borough Council on 01656 643643, or emailing The green food waste bags will be sent out automatically every few months and these ones can not be requested.
There's dog fouling on the road I walk down - where can I report this problem ?
The Town Council Handyman carries out a regular Doggy Poop Scoop Patrol in Porthcawl and will clean identified areas of dog fouling. Please report any complaints to the Town Council. If you are concerned that the area is frequently used for dog fouling and you wish to complain about the enforcement of the prevention of dog fouling in this area, please contact Bridgend County Borough Council at 
One of my street lights isn't working - where do I report this ?
Bridgend County Borough Council are responsible for street lighting and all queries should be directed to
Where can I find out what days my rubbish will be collected ?
Bridgend County Borough Council are responsible for the collection of rubbish. Please click here to see more about this.
I would like an allotment - who do I ask about this ?
Members of the public can find out information about the waiting list and also pay for their allotments in the Town Council office. (We run one site at Newton). Most other allotment sites are managed by the Allotments Assocation. Please click here to see more details about this.
The road is in really bad condition - where do I report this problem ?
Members of the public are advised that it is the Highways Department, BCBC, which deals with the conditions of the roads, but we will always forward any complaint on to the Borough on your behalf.
How do I apply to hold an event on Town Council land ?
You will need to write to the Town Council asking for permission to use the land. You will need to indicate the date of the event, the hours that the event will be taking place and what type of event it is. This letter will be placed before a Council meeting for consideration. Please allow a minimum of one month for consideration of the request.)
What will happen if permission is granted to hold the event ?
The Clerk will write to you indicating if permission has been granted. You will be sent an Indemnity Agreement which must be signed and returned to the Town Council prior to the event. This will exclude the Town Council from any liability for injury (including death) damage, loss, costs and expenses which may result from the granting of the permission. The Clerk will also write to inform you if permission for the event is not granted.
Will there be a charge to hold the event ?
There is no charge to use Town Council land for an event which benefits the community.
Will the land be inspected before and after the event ?
 The land will be subject to inspection prior to and following completion of the event. The inspection will take place the last working day before the event and the first working day after the event has finished. The inspection will be carried out by the Clerk or a nominated Councillor. You may arrange to attend and inspect the land with the Clerk or Councillor and this can be arranged through the Clerk. A note will be made of the condition of the land before and after the event and photographs will be taken.
What happens if we damage the land ?
If damage to the land occurs as a result of your event you will be expected to return the land to its original condition. You must use a contractor approved by the Town Council to carry out any remedial works to the land. All repairs must be carried out to a standard approved by the Town Council.
Who will be responsible for risk assessments for our event ?
As organiser of the event, you will be expected to carry out all the necessary risk assessments for the land. This responsibility will be expressly transferred to you if permission is granted to use the land. A copy of the risk assessment must be sent to the Town Council with your signed indemnity agreement. The risk assessment will be retained by the Town Council for their records only.
Will I need a licence for my event ?
It is your responsibility to enquire with the Licensing Department at Bridgend CBC to determine if a licence is needed for your event. The Town Council will expressly transfer this responsibility to you if permission is granted for your event. The Licensing Department can be contacted on 01656 643103. You will be liable for any costs incurred by this Town Council for failure to obtain the necessary licences for your event.