The Town Council

The Town Council consists of 19 Members who are elected every four years, and represent the five wards within Porthcawl. Porthcawl Town Council employs two Full Time Staff and Two Part Time Staff. The Town Council has set up a Committee Structure to deal with much of its business. The Town Council also discusses much of its business through the operation of Working Groups, which act in addition to the Committees of the Town Council. Working Groups usually operate to discuss a specific issue, whereas Committees operate to discuss several issues of Council Business.

The Committees of Porthcawl Town Council are:

  • Administration & Staffing
  • Audit & Finance
  • Operations
  • Planning

Working Groups of the Council are set up on an ad hoc basis.

Full Council Meetings must ratify all Council recommendations of Committees and Working Groups before they can become official decisions/policies of the Town Council.

Members of the Public may attend any Full Council Meeting and the Committee Meetings, except the Staffing Committee Meeting which is held under Standing Order 22.1.

 The Mayor

The Mayor is elected from within the Council and sits as Mayor for a period of one year. The role of the Mayor is to act as a representative of the Town Council at official events. He or She will act with the authority of the Town Council and be responsible to the Town Council.

One of the roles of the Mayor is to preside over full Council meetings of Porthcawl Town Council. The duties of the Mayor at these meetings is to keep order during the meeting, adjourn the meeting, ensure that orderly conduct is maintained at all times and to give rulings on points of order.

The role of the Mayor during meetings of Council is a challenging one. The Mayor must ensure that a quorum of a meeting is met. The Mayor ensures the observation of statutory rules and orders governing the meeting and will take items on the Agenda in turn for discussion and only vary them where Standing Orders allow and on the vote of Council. The Mayor will allow an opportunity for all speakers to express their views, discourage irrelevant discussions, carry out the proper conduct of Council through motions and amendments, conduct meetings without bias, ensure clarity is provided on all decisions of the meeting, and ensure that appropriate matters appear on the Agenda.

Where the Mayor is unable to attend a meeting, the Deputy Mayor will sit as Chair of that meeting. In the case of the absence of the Deputy Mayor the immediate past Mayor will sit as Chair.

The Mayor can be invited to attend events. Please contact the Town Council office who can advise how to do this.

 The Councillors

Town Councillors are elected by the people of Porthcawl. The role of a Town Councillor is to represent the constituents of his or her ward and ensure that the Town Council operates in the best interests of the people of the Town. Town Councillors represent peoples’ views on the needs, the policies and the services of the Town, and they have a role in helping to empower constituents and encourage participation in community life.

The Councillors will represent the Town Council on outside bodies and ensure that all appropriate information is reported back to the Town Council