Coronavirus update

Porthcawl Town Council (PTC) is fully aware and alert to the ongoing and developing Coronavirus situation. At its meeting last week Councillors agreed on the need to develop a plan to protect staff and the public, while ensuring competent governance surrounding the limited powers that it has.

PTC will do its best to work with and support any activities and initiatives directed by relevant authorities, and will only act in accordance with directives from UK or Welsh Govt, the Welsh NHS, BCBC and our emergency services.

The situation is evolving daily and being closely monitored.

We strongly believe that local residents should take their news from respected outlets, and these can generally be found, via local and national television and radio.

Specific instructions about behaviours, actions and activities will be released by relevant authorities when needed. Unless you receive instruction from UK Govt, Welsh Govt, a Welsh Health Board, GP surgery, BCBC or Blue Light service then please treat messages with caution.

The thrust of this message would be keep calm and only act on official advice from official sources. The Town Council will publish updates relevant to its services on a regular basis.

On behalf of the Council I urge the people ofPorthcawl to remain calm, avoid panic buying, and to look out for elderly neighbours and the frail.

Bridgend County Borough Council considering redeployment of staff to ensure essential services continue to be delivered.

The Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council has said the local authority is considering the redeployment of staff and resources in order to ensure essential services continue to be provided in a worst-case scenario situation during the outbreak  of coronavirus.

Cllr Huw David, said: “The local authority has initiated a coronavirus planning and co­ ordination group and is currently developing the strategy that the local authority will adopt in the event of a range of different scenarios.

“Positive discussions are ongoing with trade union representatives to plan for varying levels of impact on our workforce and in particular  we are establishing ways to deliver our most essential services.

“The UK Government, Welsh Government  and organisations such as Public Health Wales are working to limit the impact of the virus.

“The council and its partners  are continuing to support these efforts.

“In addition, across all services in the local authority, a huge amount of planning and operational work is underway to ensure that priority services can be maintained.

“In the meantime, it’s really important that people follow  official medical advice from organisations like the NHS and Public Health Wales rather than getting it from unverified sources.”

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Y Cyng I Cllr Huw David

Arweinydd  y Cyngor I Leader of Council

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr  I Bridgend County Borough Council

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