Responsibilities of a Town Council

A Town Council are the roots of any local Community. It is the closest level of government to the people of a Town. A Town Council will act to improve the Town in which it serves. A Town Council is granted its power by Parliament, including the right to raise money through taxation (precept) and a range of power to dictate how a Town Council may spend this money.

The Town Council has limited powers in areas in which it can act. However, the powers that it has in these areas are wide. A Town Council’s powers are governed by various Statute and Common Law powers.

Porthcawl Town Council Responsibilities:


Located Newton.

Decorative Lighting

The Town Council is responsible for providing decorative lighting for the Town, to include Christmas Lighting and Summer Lighting.

Newton Green

The Town Council manages Newton Green on behalf of the Charity Commission. If you wish to apply to hold an event on Newton Green please contact the Town Council Office.

Newton Nottage Roundabout

The Town Council undertakes the role of ensuring that the roundabout is maintained in a good state and that flowers and grass area on the roundabout is maintained.

Notice Boards

The Town Council has one Notice Board that it maintains located on John Street outside Porthcawl Museum.

Nottage Green

The Town Council own Nottage Green. If you wish to hold an event on the Green please contact the Town Council Office.

Summer Planting

The Town Council provides summer planting throughout the Town and surrounding areas.

War Memorial

The Town Council maintains the War Memorial located at All Saints Church.

Tidy Towns Initiative Areas

The responsibility of maintaining areas at Suffolk Place, New Road and Mackworth Road are with the Town Council.

Skateboard Park

Porthcawl Town Council obtained grant funding and worked with Bridgend County Borough Council to install a skateboard park for the Town.  The skateboard park is situated at Heol y Goedwig and is a popular and well used asset.